Third day of prac

With my extension granted for assignment 2 it was great to be able to slightly put that aside for 5 minutes and completely focus on the prac I had in front of me. With the little bit of spare time I had I enjoyed reading a post from blackieaaron about her first day of prac. I also read that she just finished assignment 2, perfect timing on her behalf!

I had a great day teaching, I also received some fantastic feedback from my mentor teacher after I spent the entire first session teaching. I taught an ICT based lesson out of the school computer room which proved to be very engaging to all students


Assignment 2 while on prac

I had the difficult task of trying to complete my assignment while on prac, I would like to say that this was an enjoyable experience but it wasn’t! It was difficult because I was trying to concentrate on my prac and preparing different lessons and juggling the assignment proved to be very difficult. I did my best for a few days but ended up logging onto the study desk and asking David if he would approve a week extension for the assignment due to the challenges I was facing on my early prac. Luckily David was very understanding and granted the extension.

Staff Meeting while on prac

Attending the schools staff meeting was a real privilege during the first week of prac, it was very interesting to see the passion and love the teachers have for their job. They take their role as educators very seriously and this was made very clear in their opinions and willingness to go the extra mile with extra curricular activities with the students. The principal and deputy principal ran the meeting, they involved all teachers in the conversation, after half an hour we split into junior and senior teams to discuss issues more relevant to the junior and senior end of the school.

First day of prac

My first day of prac went very well, I taught the third session of the day which was great as it gave me time to get to know the children and get a feel for how the class was run. I was happy to discover the first lesson I was going to teach was actually a literacy lesson through the interactive smart board.

For a first lesson it actually went fairly well, it can be difficult to teach when you don’t know the students names, but I guess it makes it more fun having to think on your feet. I think it would be fair to say I slept well after my first day!

Meeting with my mentor teacher

I was very lucky I got my first preference school, a small state school located in the southern suburbs of Brisbane. I was able to get in touch with my mentor teacher 1 week before commencing prac, we caught up and had a chat about the class, the behaviours and unit currently being taught. I spoke with my mentor teacher about what I would teach and we went through the requirements of the prac. My mentor was very excited to discover this prac was based on ICT as she implements a lot of ICT base learning in her classroom and was thrilled at the thought of learning something new.

Early Prac

Hi everyone,

Due to work reasons I had to bring my prac forward. I was very lucky that David approved the new start date, I was worried because he said that assignment 3 would be hard to pass if we moved prac forward. After David approved the change of date, I went over assignment 3 and read the assignment and made a checklist of things I needed to complete on prac. I printed off the professional experience booklet and had a good read through that. After reading the prac book I made up my own checklist to make sure that I had everything ready for prac.

Please have a look at my web artefact

After many hours of work I have finally finished my web artefact. When I first looked at this assignment I thought I would have no chance of completing an website as I’ve never done anything like this before. As I worked my way through the content and undertook the learning activities things slowly became easier.

I presented my web artefact in wix, I read a few reviews and people generally said it was easy to use and the finished product has potential to look great. I explored numerous other options and everything looked difficult, wix certainly looked like something that could work for me.

The website took me just over a week to construct. I must say I had a few moment of panic where things didn’t work or go as planned, but as David said, we should all experience moments like that in this course.

Please feel free to have a read of my web artefact, click here to view it. Good luck to everyone, hopefully all your hard work pays off when results are released.